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Feed your cells

nourish your soul


The Sweet Beet was founded locally in Trinidad in 2014. As two health-conscious individuals with a passion for nutrition and healthy lifestyles, we often found ourselves creating the most unique and delicious combinations of smoothies, raw juices and Acai bowls using natural foods from the earth. Embracing the journey of a healthy lifestyle led us to feel how our bodies are meant to feel – properly nourished and energized. It changed our lives for the best and we want to change your lives too. We want to become part of your life by making your healthy lifestyle convenient and delicious. We believe that everyone is entitled to feel good but in order for this to be, we need to provide our bodies with the essential nutrients in their most natural form. The Sweet Beet’s mission is to make this possible for you, and we can’t wait!

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Born and raised in the Caribbean, we like to spend our days getting back to nature and doing what we love.


We believe in and encourage living a fun, healthy and active lifestyle - it doesn't have to be boring!


Find something that makes your soul happy!

At The Sweet Beet, our products reflect nature and the beautiful island life around us.

Sweet Beet-1170.jpg

vibrant ingredients,
filled with life and energy

Richard Lyder Photography

bursting with colour

untouched, the way it was meant to be


We are constantly inspired by our lush mountains, emerald and turquoise oceans, cascading waterfalls, exotic wildlife and Trinidad's unique culture.

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